Nursing Home Neglect:

Nursing home abuse and/or neglect can involve not only the physical well-being of the resident, but also the mental, and/or psychological well-being of the resident as well.

Nursing home abuse and/or neglect can take many forms, all of which are too numerous to list. The following, however, represent common examples of nursing home abuse and/or neglect:

failure to provide proper nutrition and hydration
failure to assist in personal hygiene when needed
over-medication or under-medication
failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent falls
failure to answer call lights in a timely fashion
failure to turn residents in their beds (leading to pressure sores)
failure to take residents to the toilet (leaving them in soiled garments or beds)
slapping or other physical abuse of the resident
use of unwarranted chemical or physical restraints
emotional or verbal abuse of the resident
retaliation for making a complaint or filing a grievance
failure to take adequate precautions to prevent injury to the resident
failure to provide for appropriate medical care
sexual assault or rape of the resident
theft of the resident's money or other personal property

If you have any suspicion that a loved one may have been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, please feel free to contact our office using our toll-free number (855) 343-1500 or by submitting a free case review request on this website. You should also consider reporting the matter to the director of nursing and the facility administrator. In addition, or alternatively, you may report the matter to the facility ombudsman, or notify the state and federal hotlines. We would be glad to assist you in locating the appropriate government authorities to file a complaint.